Sunday, January 27, 2013

               Winter at home------Lyon School
It's great being cozy, taking walks, watching the full moon from my front porch with a fire in the pit, reading---and---------------------------------------------------------------------------
Spending a good deal of my time painting------ working on still life subjects that will be part of my show at the Bonsack gallery at John Burroughs School-----which will open with a   reception on April 5th , 2013 at the gallery, 755 S. Price Road,  63139 ---and run through May 7th , 2013. 

My concept for the show is to produce still life throughout my home & studio of my world as it is -----with available objects----and natural light -----on my windowsills, kitchen counter -------beautiful food & flowers  -----the things that rotate in and around my home ---giving me visual pleasure as they do -----

I am challenged  by and joyful in this experience !  

Happy to be Kewpie   6 x 8    oil  available on April 5th