Thursday, April 1, 2010

Florida Light and Color

Tommy and I have just returned from a week in Florida----we had the pleasure of being at a close friends daughter's beachside wedding in Naples------Our walks on the beach in the early morning light with soft pinks reflecting in the sand, while sandpipers, gulls, and egrets spent the time fishing for their breakfast in the surf and sand were inspiring moments-------The full moon cast a magic reflective spell on the water-----ahhhhh----we swam in the chilly gulf------had a great time ----and although I didn't paint in oils ----I sketched , water colored, and photographed our lovely experience---------You'll see in descriptions of my work---the term --- "experiential" ------It will be referring to all the moments and experiences that lead to the development of each piece----ahhhhh life! Time to paint and experience this beautiful Missouri spring!

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