Monday, July 19, 2010

Hot Summertime

Hello all
Steamy Missouri summer is upon us----early morning and late evening painting are the times for plein air ----a bit more studio work for me ----yet when I do get out to paint---the humidity makes beautiful atmosphere----so it's a mixed blessing-----

I had hoped to be painting sunflowers in the Clarksville area this week but the growing of sunflowers is a bit sparse this year---I do plan to try to make the Sunday, July 25th reception from 1 to 3 pm at Clarksville glassworks---hopefully with at least one fresh sunflower painting----I will post more information on whether there are any fields of sunflowers later this week!!

I thoroughly enjoyed painting the ranks of hay as they were raked by our friend Howard Schutt on our 15 acres of meadow----he purposefully slowed down his raking to accommodate me----my brush and brain were moving as quickly as possible to capture the classic image.

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